Frequently Asked Questions About Our Roofing Services

Q) Are You All Insured?
A) Yes. We carry all the necessary insurances for the aspects of roofing services that we perform for our clients.

Q) Are You Also Licensed?
A) Yes. Every member of our team is a fully licensed and qualified professional compliant with the insurances and registrations that align with the specific work which each professional performs.

Q) Do You Cover Your Work With A Warranty?
A) Yes. We offer 10-year warranties in writing for both workmanship and materials for all roof replacements and restorations that we do.

Q) I Have A Leaking Roof And Need Help. Can You Help Me When It’s Still Raining?
A) Sadly, we’re unable to perform roof work in the middle of weather events like storms. If you’re experiencing damage in the midst of a storm, then your best move is contacting local emergency services. We can’t assist you until the weather has passed. Once we get out there, we can rig up a safety tarp to minimize additional damage until we can conduct the full repair.

Q) Just How Would I Know If I Need Roof Restoration?
A) The best way to be sure is by having us perform a roof inspection, which we do free of charge so we can provide you a no-obligation quote customized to the needs of your home or property. There are two primary reasons for doing a restoration. The first is making a property fully water-tight so you can extend the lifespan of the structure, and the other is so you’re able to freshen up the look of it, typically as part of presale preparations. Regardless of the needs or situation you are in, we’ll provide you price guidance that meet your circumstances along with our friendly advice on the various options that might suit you.

Q) How Would I Know If Roof Replacement Is Necessary?
A) Again, your best move is getting a complimentary roof inspection and no-commitment quote customized to your particular property. We’ll let you know if the current roof is simply beyond repair as well as what options are open to you for getting a replacement.

Q) How Long Do You Take To Do Your Work?
A) In the majority of cases, our roof restorations and replacements get finished within a week, with repairs handled in only a day or two. Weather and season are two factors that make make things vary, however.

Q) How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?
A) Every job is distinct, with numerous variables. In most cases, we simply won’t be able to answer this accurately until we provide you a free roof inspection and work up an customized quote just for you.

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